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Class 'A' CreatorTM
Lighthouse Uniform Company's Uniform Building Tool

Welcome to the Class 'A' CreatorTM, Lighthouse Uniform Company's new Uniform Building Illustrator. It is a tool designed to let you create, view, modify, print and title as many Dress Uniform looks as desired, one at a time.

There are two ways to use the Illustrator. The first allows you to select one of the standard uniform configurations, listed as ranks. These options reflect the national standards in most cases.

The other way to engage the Illustrator is to customize yourself. Both options will become available once you have chosen from the three buttons below.

(Please note in some cases you must make multiple selections before the Illustrator updates the request. i.e. Cap Style and Cap Color)

The Class 'A' CreatorTM is fun, free and easy. Discover for yourself. Give it a try.

If at any time you feel as though the Illustrator is not working or you have basic questions about its purpose or functionality please give us a call toll free at 800-426-5225. Your feedback is greatly valued.

Choose one of the buttons below to get started:


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