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Re-Striping Your Uniform

Call for Price

If you would like to buy the striping/devices and have our tailors sew them onto your jacket, then the following events will occur:

1) YOU pack your jacket in a box with a note telling us what striping configuration you need (rank, uniform specifications, etc.) your phone number and address.

2) WE receive your jacket and information. We call you to confirm and to arrange payment (All major credit cards). We stripe or restripe your jacket.

3) WE send it back to you and the process is complete.

Here is the pricing for re-striping your jacket:

Stripe to BecomeCost of AdditionStripe Removal & Resewing of Sleeve DeviceTotal Cost
O-2 or O-3$36.95$17.95$58.90
O-4 or O-5$44.95$17.95$62.90

Please note that the pricing above reflects us re-striping your jacket and re-sewing on your PHS Sleeve devices. If your Sleeve Devices are old and worn-out, we can replace them for $14.95.

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