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Welcome to the Lighthouse F.D. Online Catalog.

For over 55 years, we've been dressing up America's Fire Service. If you already know what you want, continue as you see fit. If you are new to dress uniforms or want to see what you would look like promoted, you've come to the right place. Below is our Class A Creator™ and DeptPortal™. Both are designed to help you with your dress uniform needs.

Our Class A Creator™ was designed to let you build a dress uniform reflecting your particular reality, complete with choice of jacket style, rank, patches, Maltese Crosses and cap. It's free. It's easy and it's effective. Give it a try.

Class 'A' Uniform
Why Class As?

The question often asked by firefighters, why Class As. The obvious answer; to separate the special from the everyday. The more thoughtful answer; its how they make you feel.

Different parts of the country use different terminology for their dress uniforms. Some Fire Departments call them Class A Dress Uniforms, some just Class As; some call them Dress Blacks, some Dress Blues, some Service Dress Blues and those without imagination call them funeral uniforms.

Whatever you call them, the Lighthouse Uniform Company believes every Firefighter, by virtue of the risks they take for the sake of their community, deserves and is entitled to a Class A Dress Uniform and has for nearly 50 years done its best to make the acquisition and maintenance of a Fire Department Class A Dress Uniform, easy and affordable.

Regardless whether your Fire Department is paid or volunteer, large or small, you and your people will be treated with respect, your business will be taken seriously and when all is said and done, your satisfaction will be guaranteed.

That is our pledge to you.

Steve Cohen, Pres.

What people say about us:

"Thank you Lighthouse Uniform Company for providing a very affordable Fire Department Dress Uniform. As a VOLUNTEER Fire Chief I am pleased to know that a company like Lighthouse takes great pride in their business...Again let me thank you for your time and the professionalism that is put into each uniform."
Bob Penrod
Hubert Fire Department
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